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tv   FOX 10 News 10pm  FOX  August 16, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm MST

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by a police car. the little girl heading westbound. police were responding to a call in the area about a couple of animals in distress. as she was leaving the car, she was driving down the street, saw the ice cream truck and that is when the 3-year-old girl ran out in front of the police car. we're told this is an eight-year member of the police force. it was the middle of her shift. we talked to placed the call, the reason the officer responded in the first place. he was distraught when he put two and two together realizing his call might be the reason that the collision happened with the police officer and the little girl. >> accidents happened. accidents happen and kids jump across the street.
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it is going to hurt them, yes. hopefully, she is ok. do you know anything about her? >> reporter: we don't have an update. >> i went home and said a prayer for her. i did. i said a prayer right away. i prayed and i don't know who it is but i prayed. >> reporter: that little girl in extremely critical condition. she is being operated on right now. we're bein was in the area. they are not sure if she got separated from her moment. the officer is very distraught over the situation. she is here at the scene tonight. support services is helping her get through the situation as the mother of the child stays with her at the hospital. reporting live from phoenix, i'm kristy siefkin, fox 10 news. after nine shootings and seven deaths, including a 12-year-old girl, the serial shooter is still out there and
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a lot of people gathering at the mountain view precinct to hear the latest developments in this case hoping to get peace of mind. >> i hope they trip themselves up. i hope they run a red light and get caught for running a red light or not turning a turn signal on or some infraction like that. >> he appears to be random in his targeting so i would just advise everybody to be extremely vigilant. >> most of these shootings took area. it is believed he used several car there is the attacks. if you have any information, you're asked to call silent witness at 480-witness. there is a $50,000 reward. one person is shot and killed at a tempe apartment complex tonight. this happened at rio salado and mcclintock. the victim was waiting for his
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approached him and asked him if he was hiring and the victim said he was not hiring. the suspect shot him and now he is in custody. police are looking for a man who got away after a nine hour standoff. john bowman threatened his girlfriend and barricaded himself into a home. she told investigates he threatened to shoot deputies. he ended up rin through a san tan valley neighborhood then stole a pickup truck. >> as soon as i get around the corner this guy hops in the trucks and peels out and whips it around the corner. it happened that fast. >> jerk, i mean we are right in the middle of moving. we have come so far to get hoar and hoar -- here and i hope and pray they find him. >> we have a description of the stolen truck on
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offender and deputies say he should be considered armed and dangerous. if you have any information, call 911. new information about a suspect shot and killed by maricopa county sheriff deputies. they were serving a search warrant near idaho road and lost dutchman boulevard. a man was inside and may have been armed so swat team fired gas into the home during negotiations and that is when he window and a swat deputy shot and killed him. he was the subject of an ongoing investigation and he had a warrant in pinal for drug and weapons violations. police arrest a man after he tried to pawn a stolen ring worth $4,000 for $60. the ring was stolen from a client's home where he worked. he is charged with theft and
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state representative cecelia velasquez is accused of of fraud, theft, and unlawful use of food stamps. she pled not guilty in the cause. a new lawsuit against e.p.a. and tribal leaders claim they did not company them for the loss. at a mine. drama continues over the future of chase field. it may be changing hands. ty brennan joins us live to explain. >> reporter: the county was approached by a private out of state county that would like to possibly buy chase field. tomorrow, they will hold a public meeting to talk about that potential sale.
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the diamondbacks and maricopa county. the stadium, which was built in 1998 the in need of repairs and fixes totally over $100 million. the county says they can't afford it. >> in terms of tools in the tool box, we don't have the tools needed to make the renovations that the diamondbacks are sues supervisor for district five. he says the county has been approached by a private company to purchase chase field. the number floating around is $60 million. the stadium was built in 1998 for $300 million. the board of supervisors says they are going to make sure they get the money they deserve but will entertain the idea with all
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sale. >> i want to know what the diamondbacks think. they will have input and i want to know what they think. i put a call into the diamondbacks this morning but this is step one. >> reporter: fans say they are hopeful there is a resolution. >> i try not to get involved because it makes me mad. i'm a fan of the team, not a fan of the politics. >> reporter: that meeting is open to the public tomorrow. we'll follow this bring you the latest. g.c.u.10 and two is the motto between the changes happening at grand canyon university. today, we got a closer look at the 10 athletic facilities under construction right now. they are expected to be complete by 2018. among the changes going on out there are improvements to tennis court, beach volleyball, softball, baseball, and soccer stadiums.
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under the stadiums for students to use. we want to have championship caliber for students and our fans at our events. >> g.c.u. is making the changes, which are costing $1 billion. in entertainment news, we usually don't feature adot but they are getting into the comiement of adele being in town. the stein said hello from the other side, buckle up and stay alive. that sign in reference of adele's hit song "hello." the grammy-award winning singer took the stage tonight and will again tomorrow night at talking stick arena. experts say arizona could be in for a water shortage very soon and it could affect
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she is alive thanks to a valley hero. if you would like to contact me on social media, it would be great to hear from you. you can reach me on facebook and follow me on twitter.
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there will soon be a top dog at maricopa animal care and control. mary martin will take over and she has been involved with animal welfare for 30 years. in the past, she served as a shelter's medical director and worked for the spade and neuter project in los angeles. since 2009, she served as the executive director for the animal shelter and humane society in new mexico. police officer 1-year-old puppy's life after it fell into a canal in phoenix. the officer was on duty when he spotted the dog. he called the animal humane society to rescue the pup. she is on the road to recovery. the humane society says it was the officer's call that saved
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>> the current can be strong and he was ready to jump in but thankfully, he called us. reporter: the pup had no collar or microchip. if no one comes forward to claim her, the officer who saved her life wants to adopt her. if you're are 65 or older and you need free moving help in the phoenix area, bellhops inc. as you covered. they are providing $25,000 worth of free which is national senior citizens living day. people who want the deal need to place their order online or on the phone. if you know someone interested, we have a link on our website, >> reporter: well, we've had stormy weather around the valley, not in the valley, but around the state today. once again, it was another hot one.
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federal water managers federal water managers believe our drought situation may not leave lake mead enough water for arizona in 2018. they are predicting lake mead could have a foot less water than needed, which could cut arizona's allocation by 11% that snowbowl will continue to make artificial snow. hopi tribe sued flagstaff saying that the selling of with wastewater could negatively impact the environment. snowbowl uses the it to make snow and extend the ski season.
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for the sunset. >> reporter: may have got a few sprinkles but not much going on. it was quiet here in the valley there were parts of the state that got a little bit of rain. they got some warnings through the day today. 95 degrees right now. the winds have died down nicely. just a light breeze out of the southeast. in surprise, 96. 93 in fountain hills. 93 in gateway. taking a look at what the going on, as far as the moisture that marc and i were talking about here, you see a little bit sneaking in the valley and take a look at the lightning that we're seeing with it. the lightning surrounding where the storms are and take a look up in the north valley, there is an encroachment right there probably looks like that is getting pretty good rain in a few areas of the north.
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that stuff stays away from the valley and as we get a look here at glendale and see a little moisture coming through here in the deer valley is where we are seeing the heavy yev -- heaviest stuff. finally, starting to make its move. you can see it through the mountains, through the eastern mountains as well seeing that active weather through here. en active weather down in that area as well. then we're dealing with an air quality issue that will be through the day tomorrow as well. still gusty winds out there. 29 miles an hour at gila bend. 15 at globe. 22 at payson. you can see see at page they have windy conditions. 111 degrees. 109 at goodyear. 109 in scottsdale and in chandler.
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that 111 went over110 that is the 30th time this year. 33 is the record that happened in 2011. so we'll keep our eye on that. also, more moisture finding its way into the new orleans area and the entire surrounding area with very heavy rain. look at houston with 2 inches on the ground. we had one inch up in memphis. orlando picked up over 2 inches as are very heavy rain through that area. 86 degrees for tomorrow. 106 degrees and with cloud cover, things are going to cool off a little bit over the next few days. watch your kids around water. another las vegas landmark is gone.
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it took a series of there it goes. series of it took a series of implosions to bring down the last tourer of the rivera's run. "ocean's rivera. former d-backs pitcher curt schilling is throwing something else, his hat into the political
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? ? ee-e-e-oh-mum-oh-weh ? ? hush my darling... ? ? don't fear my darling... ? ? the lion sleeps tonight. ? [snoring.] ? don't fear my darling... ? ? the lion sleeps tonight. ? [snoring.] take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store. insurance company aetna will be leaving the public exchange
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with no federal insurance plans. aetna was the only insurance company planning to offer the president's health care plan. today, they announced they are exiting the exchanges in arizona and 10 other states. blue cross and united health care are currently covering about 8,500 people in pinal county. united is pulling out of arizona and blue cross announced in june they d coverage in pinal counties next year. former arizona diamondbacks curt schilling is considering a run for political officer. he is looking at elizabeth warren's seat. shilling said i would like to be one of the people responsible for getting elizabeth warren out of politics.
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she is the second coming up of hillary clinton and lord know, we don't need the first. jude lacava, he has been controvrsial, huh? >> reporter: he brought his fast ball in different ways and he is outspoken and not hesitant regarding political comments and correctness. let's see how it plays out. this happened late this afternoon and everyone with the alike, the latest on the hospitalization of head coach bruce arians. we have richard saenz live in san diego. he is going to join us in just a
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>> reporter: he is the head coach that leads the way for the arizona cardinals. the emotional leader so you can imagine the concern when coach arians wasn't there this afternoon when the cards started their practice session with the chargers. let's go to richard saenz with more. >> reporter: what a day here in san diego, a lot going on. good stuff and not so good stuff. everybody pumped about the practice here at qualcomm stadium. once we got here, bruce arians was not on the field that is when we found out the head coach
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b.a. is a colon cancer survivor so you can never be too careful. he will stay in the hospital just to be sure. every player we talked to thinking about the heart and soul of this team, head coach bruce arians. when you think of him, you think of him being larger than life but not b.a. not a chink in his armor. >> we're praying for him and that is all we can do we comes back out here, keep him in positive spirits. >> reporter: did it feel strange not to have him out here at practice? >> he is our heartbeat. he is the leader of our team. any time he is not here, he is always shocking. >> he always is there when we do team takeoff and they brought us up and explained everything. >> i just heard about him just
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we have the toughest coach in the business. >> reporter: there was a cool moment during the practice, the p.a. announcer announced coach arians was taken to the hospital and wished him a speedy recovery and that is when the crowd here roared for bruce arians. how can you not quote ron burgundy and say way t classy san diego. >> reporter: there will be an update tomorrow morning, we hope. new york mets, and arizona with yasmany tomas and the pitcher taking him deep. shipley gives up a two-run homer. mets 3-1. it has been a long, long summer for the arizona diamondbacks.
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mets win, 7-5 the final tonight at the chase. we will keep tabs on coach area -- arians. we understand there will be an update tomorrow regarding his health and status. >> he is a tough guy but being a colon cancer survivor, it is a good thing he does not take chances. >> for coach to the hospital, it takes a lot for a guy like this. i've known him for a while. thankfully, he is resting comfortably. >> thank you for joining us. coming up next, "modern family." fox 10 news is back tomorrow morning beginning at 4:30 a.m.
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